What Would Batty Do?
Season 1, Episode 5
What Would Batty Do?
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What Would Batty Do? is the fifth episode of season one of Almost Naked Animals. It is the fifth episode overall.


Howie and Poodle are bored of their jobs at the Banana Cabana and the Chattew Chatoo so they decide to swap places for a day.


Batty and Howie swap places so Howie could be with Poodle at the Chatteu Chattoo and Batty could be with Bunny st the Banana Cabana. Batty and Bunny trie to take over the Cabana and get rid of the others. It was really Batty's idea. After Poodle didn't want Howie any more because he got Poodle an injury. Poodle wanted Batty back and Bunny wanted to keep Batty. Batty couln't decide so Batty kicks Howie and they both get hurt and Poodlewas about to fall in and Batty as quck as a flash ran in to Poodle and crashed her then they both were really injured. They went back to the Chateou Chattoo and Poodle had a bandage all over heerself and Batty broke his leg and he needed a stick and a bandage on his leg then Bunny said sorry for what she done and her friends forgived her.

Characters who appeared in this episode


  • The title of this episode is a pun on the phrase "What would Jesus do?"
  • Duck is seen left-handed in this episode.


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Adult Humor

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