The Orange Fizzy Blues
Season 1, Episode ? (120a)
The Orange Fizzy Blues
Air date TBA (Canada)
July 15, 2011 (US)
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Production Order: Living Dangerously
Broadcast Order: ?
Production Order: Champion Gurgitator
Broadcast Order: ?

The Orange Fizzy Blues is the first part in the twentieth double-bill of Almost Naked Animals.


Howie decides to enter a contest to win a soda can that's blue.


Howie chokes on a blue puzzle piece which pops out of a can of soda followed by carbonated confetti and a message from Captain Fizzy about a contest where you have to gather seven puzzle pieces to win a blue soda can. Howie drinks hundreds of cans of soda which gives him a massive sugar rush. When it's over he finds himself ontop of the banantenna. To get his friend's puzzle pieces they make them do hard things. Piggy makes Howie clean his deep frier. Howie vows to never eat another deep fried thing again but then he finds a chip and eats it. Even after cleaning it Piggy doesn't give Howie his piece. He has a second sugar rush and he finds himself ontop of the banantenna. He sees Piggy and leaps for the piece however he misses. He sees Sloth who is eager to give him her puzzle piece however she left it in the luggage room. When she finds her piece Piggy is also found, sitting behind a bag in a tutu and fairy wings. He gives Howie his piece. In the lobby he fixes the puzzle to make a giant button. He presses it and he has won the can. It is just a blue can. At the end Howie chokes on a green puzzle piece which pops out of the blue can followed by carbonated confetti and a message from Captain Fizzy about another contest for a green can. All you have to do is to gather fourteen puzzle pieces.

Characters who appeared in this episode









  • The blue can appears in Trash To The Past.
  • Duck's signature is an X.
  • Howie had to act as a theif to get Octo's blue puzzle piece.


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Adult Humor

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