Piney is very a minor character in Almost Naked Animals in one episode (which is Howie's pet project). He was made by Bunny. He seems like a baby. He is a pineapple.


Name: Piney

Gender: male

Species: pineapple

Age: 0 (only lived about 15 minutes)

Friends:Howie, Octo, Bunny, Duck.

Enemies:Poodle, Batty, Piggy.

Outcome: dead (sliced by Piggy, eaten by Howie and Octo, and juice licked up by Duck)


He is a pineapple with lavender-colored underpants and a cute face drawn on by Bunny. She made him for Howie to take care of until lunch time to show that Howie needs to be responsible.


Coming soon

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