Ooberpus is the first part in the eighteenth double-bill of Almost Naked Animals.


Octo gets secrety filmed by Batty, while Octo is doing something embarrising and silly, it was a plan of Poodle to make people to go away from the Banana Cabana, instead, it did the oppisite!


Batty is in the Banna Cabanna while everyone's just says "Hi Batty, just go about your buissness." For some strange reason, while Batty is wearing fake hair with a hidden camera, filming secrets in the Banna Cabanna, including an embarrising video about Octo dressed in a cape, and farting his way on a chair, until he falls out the window. Poodle realeases it into the internet, hoping to drive people out of the Banna Cabanna, but It does the oppisite!

People crowd in the Cabbana, overly obsessed with 'Ooberpus', while Octo doesn't like being famous, and Howie trys to make him as boring as possible, but it never works. Eventually Poodle tells everyone to come to her hotel, when she stomps away she trips on a rake! Everyone laughs, she walks away, and hits a spade. The guests declare it's funnier than Ooberpus, and call her 'Angry Poo.' She runs away while everyone follows. Octo, glad to be a nobody again, trips on the rake. No one laughs or reacts. "Just the way I like it." Octo declares.

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  • Batty films Poodle laughing and then Poodle says " What is that horrible noise?!"


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Adult Humor

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