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Characters who appeard in this episode










Miss Girraffe

Mr Girraffe


Poodle makes a dog of Howie and makes him move. Ratty comes to the Shateoo Shateuu and tries to destroys Battys life. Ratty throwed Batty away by using a control and Poodle decides that Ratty could take Batty's Job. Then Batty comes to the Banana Cabana and Octo checks him in then Howie came and then he asked that do you have a minion. Howie and Batty went to the lift and he fogot to push the button. When Batty got his room he decided to call Poodle and asked how things are going and Ratty and Poodle made a doll of Batty and banged him. Then when Batty and Howie saw each other Batty decided he could be Howie's evil minion and his dream was spiring the Banana Cabana into clap caot and he makes Poodle realise that he is big and he is the evilist minion ever then Howie dosen't follow all that. Then they go and Narwhal appers and he falls because of Howie's invisble gold lying around. Then Howie asked Batty to chang the pool into lava. Then Octo decided to be an evil minion. Then Octo did an evil job to Mr Girrafe and and Batty did an evil job to Miss Girafe. Batty was on fire then Octo and Batty were walking away from each other. Octo put an evil twix and his evil job was hard work. Then Batty crashed into Octo and they fell in a hole.Batty bring the Howie doll to the Shateoo Shateuu. Then Poodle was angry Howie was there. So Poodle told Ratty to get Howie away from her. Then they start fighting.Batty's evil thing was to move Howie's doll to hug Poodle. Then Batty saved Poodle and crashed Howie not to hug Poodle. Then Poodle liked Batty and she said he can come back to work. Poodle fired Ratty and then Batty throwed Ratty away and he got hurt. Then Octo and Howie went back to  the Cabana and played with the Howie doll.