Hurricane Seasoning
Season 1, Episode 10
Hurricane seasoning title card
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Hurricane Seasoning is the second part in the sixth double-bill of Almost Naked Animals.


A hurricane hits a seasoning factory and the Banana Cabana staff have to get in the cabana but Howie gets locked in Poodle's Chateau Chattoo and can't get out. And then they finally do with Piggy's yuck bubby bubby.


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  • In this episode Howie makes a dummy of him named Howbert.
  • Poodle mentions no bubble gum allowed.
  • Batty breaks the law and eats bubble gum.
  • Duck plays Narwhal's Stunt double
  • Piggy has a chewing gum called Piggle Gum, it is made from bellybutton fluff and earwax


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Adult Humor

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