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Dirk Danger is a stunter but he never completes his stunts like Howie because he always crashes. 

Dirk Danger Wilberforce Sr.
Dirk Danger Cooking
Vital statistics
Taxon Guinea Pig
Gender Male
Job Stunting
Voiced by Christian Potenza

Some facts about Dirk DangerEdit

  • He is Howie's favourite stuntman & Piggy's Dad.
  • He's plunged into the biggest ball of Gouda.
  • He forced Howie to fill the Banana Cabana with melted marshmallow goo.
  • He had a part-time job at the Fruity Noodle Hut.
  • He wears yellow underpants with red lightning bolts on them.
  • He fooled the press by pretending to be trapped in the marshmallow goo...but he wasn't!
  • He is from Sweedovlakia
  • He likes Polka Music
  • He was a hermit
  • In one episode Dirk was almost crying when he talked about his family meaning that his parents may have passed away.
    Dirk Danger Cooking
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