IPOD touch Camera Roll -1 082

Cockroach and Duck

Facts About Cockroach

Cockroach is a small animal, who appears is a few episodes. He is badly hurt, squashed, destroyed and injured in every episode he appears in. In It's My Party, he falls off a table and lands. But he simply gets up after it. Then Duck picks him up and puts him on the trampoline, bouncing him around before he crashes through the floor. In Keep On Monster Truckin', he gets ran over by Howie's monster truck 4 times. In Nothing But the Tooth, he gets crushed by a hippo. In Who Inked the Bed, he gets crushed by a loudspeaker. He talkes like a hippie like 'dude' and 'man'. In Who Inked the Bed, Octo makes an inky of him and Howie delcares, "C'mon, your doing inkies of someone we hardly know!" He also loves dancing and he dances instead of walking.

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