The Chateau Chattoo is the Banana Cabana's rival hotel that Poodle owns. Poodle and her henchman, Batty, are always trying to take the Cabana.

The Chateau Chattoo is an extra deluxe version of her brother Howie's hotel the Banana Cabana.

The manager of the Chateau Chattoo, Poodle,loves to have more customers than anyone to prove that she owns the best hotel there is.

Chateau Chattoo

The Chateau Chattoo as the other side of the river. It dosen't have a pool like the Banana Cabana has but it has a Fountain.



  • The Chateau Chattoo is sometimes destroyed in some of the episode it appers in.
  • The Chateau Chattoo once had 6 stars (out of 6), but the stars escaped due to Duck in One Star Hotel.
  • Poodle and Batty live in their hotel, like Howie and his friends do at the Banana Cabana.
  • Despite the Banana Cabana having a pool, it is unknown if the Chateau Chattoo has one.
  • All of the guests at the hotel are, called by Poodle, pains-in-the-neck.
  • Once in Ooberpus, the Spiney Hiny didn't want to come to the Chateau Chattoo, but after a while, he and the other guests decided to go to the Chateau Chattoo after all.

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